Gay Men's Engagement Ring | 1 Ct Barred Double Band

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Custom Made, please allow 3-10 weeks for production

Gay men's engagement ring features your 1 carat square cut diamond in a stylish bezel mounting. It features an extra wide solitaire band, weighty and pedigreed. The ring's sexy barred design looks awesome in two-tone metals.

The ring's bold style evokes courage and daring. Its bold lines and meticulously executed edges combine for a youthful and exhilarating impression. This is a decidedly male ring, with its solid band and virile design.

Square Diamonds, (also known as princess cuts, though they're one of the best for men's rings) convey crisp precision with their sharp modern form.

Not quite perfect? Shoot us an email for additional options and free design modification!

This custom engagement ring is exclusively offered by Distinction Jewelry and is produced in your size . Buy from an American small business where your dollars actually mean something. You'll get unrivalled service from gay-friendly (and just generally friendly) people and exquisite quality craftsmanship.

Gay men's engagement ring specs:


Made from reclaimed metals for environmentally responsible luxury. This ring would look really nice in two-tone 14k white and yellow gold, or for an unexpected choice, try two-tone 14k white and rose gold.


1 carat square diamond measuring about 6 mm.

Choose your diamond clarity; all diamonds are D-G color, Ideal to Very Good cut. Or, select Moissanite, lab grown blue sapphire, CZ, or semi-mount. Contact us for way more gems to choose from.

The diamonds used are conflict-free and meet Kimberly Process requirements. You can also get offer Canadian diamonds, and lab grown diamonds when available.

All values for stone size and weight are approximate. Custom made rings cannot be returned or exchanged. Please be sure of all details before placing your order.