Gay Wedding Ring | Roman Numerals 'LOVE'

$2,214.00 - $4,516.00
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Custom Made, please allow 3-10 weeks for production

Roman numeral gay wedding ring in 14k gold spells "Love" in a substitution cipher. Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number (A = 1), and the numbers corresponding with the letters L O V E are translated to Roman numerals.

This versatile unisex ring would work as a wedding band or same sex engagement ring. It's a heavy-duty piece of fine jewelry any man would be proud to wear, but slim enough that it wouldn't overwhelm a woman's finger. The raised outer bands serve to protect the fine details of the lettering from bumps.

As the designer, my favorite metals for this design are either white (14k white gold or platinum), or the two-tone options especially the white and rose gold combo. All white carries an upscale elegance, while the contrast of two tone metal highlights the lettering for visual interest and clarity.

Rose gold stands out against white better than yellow or green gold do, so if reading the lettering is important to you, I'd consider rose gold. It's not exactly pink, so even if you're looking for something masculine I wouldn't write it off just because of the word 'rose.'

Your ring will be custom made to order in your size. The arrangement of the letters may end up looking slightly different depending on ring size, because the curve will be a bit different. When you order, let us know if you'd like preview renders in your exact size.


Custom made rings cannot be returned or exchanged. Please be sure of all details before placing your order.