How It All Works:

Getting Things Ordered:

You order your ring, or contact us for a custom design. If you’re doing a custom design, you tell us what you want and we’ll send you photo-realistic preview renders. Next....

Your diamond or gem is chosen. You can have us select the best one for you, or we’ll send you photos, certificates, and prices of various diamonds to look at. We use the International Diamond Exchange, a vast professional marketplace with hundreds of thousands of diamonds from the most reputable global sellers. Then....

After you’ve paid for your ring, we send a wire transfer (see why these guys need to be reputable?) to purchase the diamond and it’s express shipped to us; sometimes from NYC, sometimes from Antwerp, India, or other far reaches of the world. Once we’ve received and inspected your globe-trotting diamond and verified it against the certificate, ring production can begin!

Using specialized jeweler’s CAD technology, we’ll adjust the model to your exact ring size, tweak any settings that need changing (for example to accommodate the exact dimensions of the diamond), and send the file to a high-tech facility in Louisiana.

Starting Production:

There, a gloriously expensive set of gizmos is used to precision-grow your casting wax to the exact specifications in the CAD file. This isn’t 3-D printing or hand carving; it’s an exact model of the CAD file. Once that's done....

Your ring is cast using advanced equipment and carefully developed alloys (including the whitest white gold on the market).

We follow beyond best practices to get a perfect casting without porosity or other common imperfections; the results are smooth, crisp, and bright. Your casting is expertly clipped, cleaned, and pre-finished by hand. After that....

The chosen gems are laid out, measured, and the settings hand-cut and filed. Larger, center gems we can do in-house. Setting melee (the small accent gems) is a specialized skill that takes a lifetime to perfect, so we send that to be done under a microscope by some of the most skilled career stone setters in the United States.

Once setting is complete, your ring is hand polished. Each polishing wheel is made with a specific fabric or felt, and is charged with a jeweler’s polishing compound. Your ring is polished on the first, coarsest wheel, then completely cleaned. The ring and the operator’s hands must be free of any traces of the coarser compound before moving onto the next, finer wheel.

This process is repeated over 4-8 wheels until your ring is polished to maximum brilliance on a micron level using a fine European compound used on the highest end watches and jewelry.


We inspect and photograph your new ring, put it in a fine two-tone wooden box, and send it to you via FedEx Express. We have a special insurance program through FedEx called DVX, which is one of the only ways to get 100% insurance coverage on fine jewelry during transit. Your ring will be delivered securely to your door in perfect condition. We also offer personal delivery of high value rings.

Diamonds and Pricing:

When you order, we spend hours expertly reviewing certificates and photos of available diamonds to choose you the best looking and largest gem, as though we would be wearing it ourselves. We prefer GIA and AGS certified diamonds; for rare sizes and cuts we'll consider AGL, HRD, or GCAL as well.

Diamond prices vary even within one grade; in high-end diamonds, the price variation can be significant (as much as $225k on one gem we recently priced!) To ensure we can choose you a wonderful diamond, we plan to pay on the high end of average when we set our ring prices. You'll be wearing it for the rest of your life; you don't want the cheapest diamond within your grade, but the nicest. For the most accurate pricing, contact us at the time of your order.

Want to pick it out yourself from a vast selection on the International Diamond Exchange? Let us show you what's actually on the market at the time of your order and you may have the opportunity to choose a less expensive gem. If you like this ring but not the price, a different grade or smaller diamond can align it better with your budget.

Production Time:

Averages 4 weeks after the diamond or gem arrives, and ranges from 3-8, occasionally 10 weeks. Because this is a multi-stage, precision process, sometimes things need to be re-done. We also have to rely on the mail and other people and companies who can have equipment breakdowns or illnesses. We refuse to ship any ring that isn't 100% perfect, and if for example the mold isn't perfect, or the ring returns damaged from the stone setters, we will re-make the entire thing if that's what needs to be done. 

Setting an engagement date?

Please don't make any fixed or non-refundable plans hoping we will beat our stated production times. That risks turning what should be one of the happiest moments of your life into a stressful one. You're having custom jewelry fabricated from scratch to the highest quality standards; it takes a while. 

If you absolutely must propose before your ring is ready, or want to have backup just in case, we can send you a loaner ring. They're made out of CZ and base metal, but they look real and can stand in until the actual ring arrives.